MidTown West

Long considered to be the western reaches of a unified Midtown Manhattan, Midtown West is a large and varied neighborhood. It contains both Times Square, New York City’s busiest intersection, and an edgy, industrial section near the Hudson River, and is emerging on its own as a new and exciting place to live and visit.


Neighborhood’s Hot Spots

Midtown West is stacked with endless dining options, including restaurant row, in addition to a wide range of famous and lively bars, and chic cafes. Close to the theatre district, residences of 432 West 52nd have the ability to walk to Broadway shows and more in the eclectic and exciting neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen.


NYC Subway

CEat 50th St 0.27 miles
ACBD1at 59th St-Columbus Circle 0.34 miles
1at 50th St 0.42 miles
BDEat 7th Av 0.44 miles
NQRat 57th St 0.46 miles

Development in Midtown West is continuing at a rapid pace, while smaller parts of the area are gaining recognition in their own right, especially Clinton. Because it is a new designation, the boundaries of Midtown West are still flexible and up for debate, but the general consensus seems to be 59th Street to the north, Sixth Avenue to the east, 34th Street to the south, and the Hudson River to the west.